Synonyms Tutorial

Take a look at the file on the left. It is a sample synonyms file. It's purpose is to define any synonyms for dialogs. For example if you want the player to have the option of typing a "N" for "North," you need to define a synonym for "North." The first line, <?xml version="1.0"?>, is required and tells the browser that this is an XML file.

The next element is the synonyms element. Each synonyms file will have one and only one synonyms element. The closing synonyms tag is the very last tag in the file.

The next element is the synonym element. You must specify a unique id for this element. The id is the word that is in a dialog for which you want to define a synonym. In this example, the id is "up." You place the synonym between the tags. In this example "u" is a synonym for "up."

Well, that's it for synonyms.

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