<?xml version="1.0"?> <scenes id="Biki's Big Adventure"> <scene id="plane" north="nowhere" south="nowhere" west="nowhere" east="nowhere" northeast="nowhere" northwest="nowhere" southeast="nowhere" southwest="nowhere" up="nowhere" down="jungleFloor"> <setting> [p]You are an ethnobotanist collecting exotic specimens in the rainforests of Southeast Asia. Today you are traveling in a small turbo-prop airplane to your next destination. Above, the sun shines brightly in a cloudless sky. Below, the indigo waters are dotted with emerald islands. It almost seems too gorgeous.[/p] [p]You turn to your pilot to tell him what a beautiful day it is and you notice that he is very pale and sweating profusely. He clutches at his chest and passes out. Your compassionate concern for the pilot is suddenly replaced by the certain knowledge that the plane is nosediving into the ocean.[/p] [p]You grab the throttle. You have no idea what you are doing, but somehow you survive landing in the treetops of a seemingly uninhabited island. You turn to assist the pilot, but, sadly, he is beyond your help.[/p] [p]In the far distance you here a bird calling. It sounds like, "beekee, beekee."[/p] [p]The plane is perched precariously and there's a giant gaping hole where the door should be. It occurs to you that fifty feet above the ground is not a very safe place to be.[/p] </setting> <weather>sunny</weather> <monolog> <when> </when> </monolog> <dialog>out <when> <say>[p]You are hugging a tree branch. If you are careful, you might be able to climb down.[/p]</say> <handled/> </when> </dialog> <dialog>down <when> <changeProperty type="scene" id="plane" property="setting"> [p]You are in an airplane perched precariously in the treetops. The corpse of the pilot is here. It doesn't look or smell too pleasant. You really don't want to be here.[/p] </changeProperty> <say>[p]Whoa! That was a long climb down![/p]</say> </when> </dialog> <dialog>pilot <when> <say>Don't disturb the dead!</say> <handled/> </when> </dialog> <dialog>weather <when> <sayProperty type="scene" id="start" property="weather"/> </when> </dialog> </scene> <scene id="jungleFloor" north="twisty1" south="nowhere" west="nowhere" east="waterfall" northeast="nowhere" northwest="nowhere" southeast="nowhere" southwest="nowhere" up="plane" down="nowhere"> <setting>[p]You are in the middle of a dense jungle. Above you is a plane precariously perched in the tree tops. It is totally impenetrable to the West and South. To the North you a narrow, twisty path. To the East you see a waterfall in the distance.</setting> <weather>dappled sunlight</weather> </scene> <scene id="twisty1" north="twisty7" south="twisty6" west="twisty8" east="twisty4" northeast="nowhere" northwest="nowhere" southeast="nowhere" southwest="nowhere" up="nowhere" down="nowhere"> <setting>[p]You are in a maze of twisty little footpaths that all look alike. The dense jungle foliage crowds arounds you. You hear the racous shout of parrots in the upper canopy. There are paths going North, South, East, and West[/p]</setting> <weather>dappled sunlight</weather> </scene> <scenes>