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Interactive Fiction Markup Language (IFML)

The IFML Engine allows you to write interactive fiction (text adventures) that run in your browser. In text adventures you read a part of the story and then enter a response of your own. Your responses determine the action in the story and allow you to interact with characters and objects. Play the sample game to get a flavor of it.

Interactive Fiction Markup Language (IFML) is an XML based mark up language for creating text adventures. Don't worry if you don't know a thing about XML. It's easy to pick up.

IFML uses a screenplay metaphor. You write scenes, dialogs, monologs and create characters and props. It is a language designed to make sense to English majors. It does not require any special programming skills, although an acquaintence with HTML is helpful.

The IFML game playing enviroment consists of the web page your game runs on, a set of java classes, and XML files to describe the scenes, characters, props, and synonyms that make up your game.

The IFML engine runs on any browser that supports the MAYSCRIPT tag. This feature is also known as LiveConnect. The table below shows the browsers and operating systems that have been tested and shown to work with the IFML engine.

WindowsMac OS 9.2Mac OS 10
Internet Explorer 6Yes, requires Java 2 Plug-InNoNo
Netscape 6.2.2YesYesYes

If you are aware of other browser/operating system combination that IFML works on, please send a note.

To get started, download the files and read the tutorials. Then try your hand at creating your own scenes, characters, and props.