<?xml version="1.0"?> <characters> <character id="player" locationType="scene" locationId="plane" score="0"> <longDescription></longDescription> <stalk>off</stalk> <visibility>visible</visibility> <monolog> <when> <propertyIs type="character" id="player" property="stalk">on</propertyIs> <say>[p]You are at the top of a giant stalk.[/p]</say> </when> </monolog> <dialog>xyzzy <when> <say>[p]You think you hear a hollow voice, but it's only the wind in the trees.[p]</say> <handled/> </when> </dialog> <dialog>inventory <when> <sayInventory/> <handled/> </when> </dialog> <dialog>weather <when> <say>[p]The weather is </say> <sayProperty type="scene" id="curScene" property="weather"/> <say>.[/p]</say> <handled/> </when> </dialog> <dialog>score <when> <say>[p]Your score is </say> <sayProperty type="character" id="player" property="score"/> <say>.[/p]</say> <handled/> </when> </dialog> </character> <character id="poacher" locationType="scene" locationId="twisty2"> <longDescription>[p]There is a mean looking man here. He has a gun and is carrying a cage full of birds. He might be a poacher.[/p]</longDescription> <monolog> <when> <say>[p]The poacher says, "I'm big and I'm trouble."[/p]</say> </when> <when> <chanceSuccess seed="1">20%</chanceSuccess> <propLocatedAt type="character" id="player">compass</propLocatedAt> <say>[p]The poacher hit you in the nose, stole your compass, and ran away.[/p]</say> <changePropLocation type="character" id="poacher">compass</changePropLocation> <changeCharacterLocation type="scene" id="nowhere">poacher</changeCharacterLocation> <updateScene/> <handled/> </when> <when> <chanceSuccess seed="1">50%</chanceSuccess> <say>[p]The poacher says, "What are you doing here?"[/p]</say> <handled/> </when> <when> <chanceSuccess seed="1">50%</chanceSuccess> <say>[p]The poacher says,"If you know what's good for you, you'll get out of here!"[/p]</say> <handled/> </when> <when> <chanceSuccess seed="1">50%</chanceSuccess> <say>[p]You're in big trouble, buddy![p]</say> <handled/> </when> </monolog> <dialog>say poacher <when> <say>[p]The poacher says, "Do you think I care?"[/p]</say> <handled/> </when> </dialog> </character> </characters>