Additional Help

Help me write an FAQ! Send me your questions. I will do my best to help you with your adventures. Be sure to send your XML files.


Q. I'm getting a Null Pointer Exception error when I try to play the sample game. I'm running Internet Explorer on Windows. What's wrong?

A. First, be sure to install the Java 2 Plug-In. Next go into your computer's control panel and double click the Java 2 plug-in. Check enable Java plug-in. Then click apply.

Q. How come I get error messages when I try to run my game?

A. The most likely reason is that one of your XML files contains an error. The easiest way to find your errors is to open each XML file in Internet Explorer. Scroll through the browser screen. If there is an error, an error message should display that should help you figure out what's wrong with your file. If you are still having problems, send me a note.

Q. My files contain well formed XML, but my game still isn't working right.

A. XML is extremely case sensitive. Make sure all your attributes are spelled correctly.

Q. How do I display a double quote?

A. Use &quote; instead of ".

Q. How can I embed html tags in my scene, prop, and character files?

A. Use [ and ] instead of < and >.